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There is a sound that breaks all barriers. It is time to raise the sound.

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Everywhere I look I see myself. There I go: that bald man, this angry child, that fearful cat, that cool stone, that bubbling brook, that worm struggling for its life, that bird desperate to feed her hungry babies, that one trapped in his rage, this one anxious but fearful of finding out why. Hardly strangers! Empathy is the life of the soul, I think, because the soul that allows us to see the one in the other is the soul that finds joy. Claudia Michele  (via shaktilover)

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You cannot find or create a costume big enough to hide your true self from anyone. In truth, we’re all wearing The Emperor’s New Clothes. We parade before the world naked—thinking that no one can see us. Why not just be proudly revealed, and authentically who we are? And do not worry about being rejected and alone. It is the real you that everyone falls in love with— and that God adores. Neale Donald Walsch (via unconditionedconsciousness)

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I would rather be hurt by a truth, than comforted by a lie (via another-day-in-tic-tac-toe-land)
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